4 Tips for Creating Web Content

In theory, with minimum programming and design requirements oriented to the Google search robot and in turn to your potential customers, and large amounts of original, fresh, current, and quality content on the different subjects it covers your business (web), you have the possibility of appearing in the first positions of the top ten of Google results for your keywords.

Known this fact, verified by Matt Cutts himself (from Google) in different videos, the next question that addresses us is, how to create web content?

The marketing of content is a discipline on the rise, and we have plenty of market pianos blogs, infographics, presentations on SlideShare, etc, which offer us a lot of information on the subject. We will not go into exposing what content marketing consists of (we leave you a link to a website that for us is a reference in this field, Copyblogger ). For example, Gentlexp is linking to this website, which Means the Article factory is giving a link to the Gentlexp.

In this article, after basically giving you our vision of the content against other factors that can influence the positioning of a website in Google, and as we know how hard it is to continuously face the task of generating original, fresh and interesting content for Our readers, followers, and customers, we want to give you some tips to create content when you are stuck or your inspiration has left you.

We are going to discuss four possible supports to create content when we are blocked:

  • Sign up in a group of Linkedin on your business, and even if the ratio of the group with your products or services is not entirely straightforward but have some recurring link. Enter the group conversations, participate and surely you can extract more than one topic to take to your website in the form of content. If after creating this content, you link it in the group, you can also make it viral, since the group itself gave you the idea and therefore they will surely be interested in what you may be writing about it.
  • If you have a blog and follow what is linked from social networks, the articles that go viral on Twitter or Facebook, try to catch a trend and get on the wave. It is like surfing news that has something to do with your activity. Do not miss the moment, giving your opinion on any news regarding a product or service in which your business may be involved directly or indirectly will make you read.
  • Do you have comments on your blog about any of your articles? This is a great source of content since your own followers, readers or clients are giving you clues about what really interests them. This is used rather little, but it is a source of ideas to create very powerful content, since it is your own clients and users who convey their needs, doubts, comparisons with other sites or services, etc.
  • What’s going on in your industry elsewhere. This is a very hackneyed resource that costs very little to use. Previously analyze your competition, if it has released any new product or service, if there has been a recent fair in your sector in another country or continent, or even check where your industry is moving in other countries, and this will surely report tons of new content. If your opinion is really valid (and possibly it is because we are talking about your sector), you have the opportunity to become a reference in your market and attract new followers or even potential customers.

With these 4 little tips, we hope that the next time you find yourself stuck when creating web content you can get out of trouble and find inspiration in one of the sources we just shared.

In future posts, we will go into the differences when creating content for a website that is going to be consumed on a PC or on mobile devices, which we also find interesting to address.

And you know, if you want to leave us any comments, we will be delighted and the source of our next post is the same, and if you want, you can also share these lines with your Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook contacts.

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