How to create a killer mobile education solution

Due to busy lifestyles, many people find it difficult to attend physical classes. Most of these people, however, are willing to learn using alternative channels like mobile apps. There are various methods that you can design a distance learning app. However, not all of them can attract a huge audience. The question that arises then is how can you develop the best learning app? Stay tuned to get great tips on how to create killer mobile learning solutions like these.

The mobile learning app should have outstanding content

As they say in the world of technology, content is the king. Likewise, when developing an educational app, it’s critical to create enough compelling content. A learner should find the content interesting so that they keep going through it. It’s critical to use various tactics when creating your content, including the use of pictures, interesting graphs, and the use of simple language.

In case the learning app you’re creating is for children, consider using cartoons and a variety of colors to catch the child’s attention. Apart from using texts, it’s essential to have some video content so that the learner can enjoy a variety.


Games are an important aspect that enriches the learning experience. Adults, as well as children, appreciate content that contains some simple games. The games can be used on specific sections, like when answering questions.

Simplification of the learning process

You can simplify the process of learning by using various tactics. For instance, when handling difficult concepts, it’s important to explain to them using simple language and applying relevant examples. You should also make the learning experience memorable by organizing the learning procedure into various simple to follow tasks.

Difficult concepts should be introduced gradually and in an organized manner. Desist from introducing complex ideas suddenly because doing so may discourage learners. Remember, an interesting app can also attract raving reviews, which can further attract more clients.

Frequent updates

To hold the attention of the learners for a long time, it’s critical to update your apps’ content regularly. Ensure that you post interesting and fresh learning content that attracts all ages. You can update your app with audio-visual material or specific, compelling facts.

For instance, educational apps dealing with literature topics like ‘rhythm’ and ‘rhyme’ should introduce concepts like ’alliteration’ later.

Live tutorials

This is another feature that can make your app real interesting. The active tutorial component of your app enables the learner to interact live with the experts and have their questions answered. The live interaction also makes the learning process real engaging.

Exams, achievements, and prizes

One way of attracting more learners is to award them with various prizes when they attain specific milestones. For instance, when they master specific concepts and explain them in their own words, you can award them with five stars. You can also award the learners with specific points when they pass exams or master concepts.

Categorize the content

The learning tutorials should not be lumped up together. There should be a clear division of content so that the learner can access it fast and easily. For instance, in a literary app, a topic dealing with Rhythm should have various sub-categories, including alliteration, rhyme, repetition, and others. Each topic should have relevant content broken down into various subsections.

Learners should find it easy to navigate through the content when searching for specific information.

Personal configurations

The configuration mode should be individualized to meet the needs of each learner. Remember, learners have different styles on how they would like to access the content. For instance, if they don’t like repetition, give them the option of stopping the recurrence of specific concepts. Using the same configuration mode for everybody may not augur well with specific learners.

Offline Mode

Some countries don’t have stable network availability. When developing the learning apps, it’s critical to offer users the option of using an offline mode. This will enable them to continue interacting with the app, even when the network is down.

Packing information in small nuggets

Learning content in the mobile app needs to be packed into simple chunks that learners can go through within the shortest time possible. For instance, the learner should go through specific information while waiting for the bus at the station.

The learner should complete a specific task within a short time and get satisfied before moving to the next.

Compelling and mobile-friendly user interface

The mobile interface is designed for swiping and tapping. Your learning app should comply with these requirements of smartphone technology. Learners may not like an app that requires that they keep on typing or clicking.

Push notifications

The push notifications are an essential element of a mobile learning app. Through this feature, you’re able to communicate with learners through in-app messages. Most learners may want to access messages from you through the app and not their email addresses. The push messages can amplify the tutor’s audio messages.

Application of multiple platforms during the learning process

Some learning tasks may not be accomplished through the mobile phone. Therefore, the best app should allow the synchronization of the learning procedure through various platforms. For instance, learners can use their laptops to type specific aspects of the task.

Ability to expand

The best app should be scalable and accommodate any latest technological development. Creating a mobile learning app that is static may be rendered obsolete after a short time.

Quizzing techniques

Different methods can be used to design your questions. For instance, you can use multiple type quizzes, apply random questions, offer hints to answers, and others. You can select one or two techniques that the learners may find compelling.


Technological advancement has taken the educational field by a storm. Now, more than ever, a learner can acquire knowledge through a mobile app. The learning apps, however, must have specific features and designs to attract more learners. This article has covered some of the essential designs and features that an educational app must-have.

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